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Welcome to FutureOfEnergy.jp.
Here, we introduce information regarding various types of energy.
Generation methods are easily explained, and Pros/Cons regarding each of the energy types are descriptively introduced.
The sustainability of current energy generation methods are being internationally reconsidered, and this topic of "Renewable Energy" is definitely a very hot one.
Will we ever discover a truly sustainable source of energy?
As the world begins talks on the establishment of a sustainable society, it is never too late to learn more abour the center of it all. Energy.

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Animations, videos, and diagrams were made on Apple's Keynote, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe's IllustratorCS6 and PhotoshopCS6.

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The sources we have used upon research and creation of this website, is listed here.

We thank all for their kind cooperation in providing us with the best of the best.

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